1. thehammermuseum:

    Many artists in ‘Take It or Leave It’ borrow, steal, or change existing visual material to give it new meaning. Now we want to see your appropriations! Just find us on Instagram @hammer_museum, repost one of our photos, give it a new title, and tag it #approrpriatethis! Or, just Instagram your own photos of the exhibition! Loved the mixed media TV spectacular at the “take it or leave it: institution, image and ideology” show at the @hammer_museum #appropriatethis by nicolemiizuka http://ift.tt/1fkeZ1J

  2. One of the foremost contemporary Arab artists, Massoudy has succeeded in conquering his ego or nafs, as it is known in the Sufi tradition. With his large vertical strokes and sparse horizontal lines, he alternates between the spiritual and temporal, the perpetual and ephemeral, painting and writing (or is it writing and painting?) as if in a trance, without the least care for the material outcome of his creativity; in this lies his brilliance.
    Wijdan Al-Hashemi

    website: http://hassan.massoudy.pagesperso-orange.fr/english.htm

  3. Miguel Cárdenas
    Head on a Pedestal
    Pencil on Paper
    The drawings happened during the time I was working on the sculptures. They are a counterpart to the solid assertion of the object. The drawings exist in a world that seems to make sense within the imagination, a world in which the meaning of an object dissolves into an essence which seems recognizable.

    (Source: elmuseo.org)

  4. Senga Nengudi
    Performance Piece, 1978
    Activated by Maren Hassinger
    Image courtesy the artist and Thomas Erben Gallery, New York
    Photo: Harmon Outlaw - See more at: http://www.studiomuseum.org/exhibition/radical-presence-black-performance-in-contemporary-art#sthash.kntVGF0g.dpuf

  5. “She Who Tells a Story” introduces the pioneering work of twelve leading women photographers from Iran and the Arab world: Jananne Al-Ani, Boushra Almutawakel, Gohar Dashti, Rana El Nemr, Lalla Essaydi, Shadi Ghadirian, Tanya Habjouqa, Rula Halawani, Nermine Hammam, Rania Matar, Shirin Neshat, and Newsha Tavakolian.

    (Source: mfa.org)

  6. artchipel:

    Gary Simmons (b.1964, USA) - D.C. Pavillion / Fox Plaza Inferno. Pigment, oil paint and cold wax on canvas (2007)

    [more Gary Simmons | artist found at myampgoesto11]

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  7. manpodcast:

    The second segment of this week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Gary Simmons. He is the subject of a "Focus" exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth that’s on view at the museum through March 14.

    Simmons’ work typically deals with American history, race and class through paintings and installations that emphasize movement and memory. The Fort Worth show includes only the second installation of one of Simmons’ most significant works, Subtlety of a Train Wreck (1998). Included are two of Simmons’ paintings of drive-in theaters, which we typically remember with warm nostalgia — forgetting that most were whites-only. 

    How to listen to the show: Download the show to your PC/mobile device. Subscribe to The MAN Podcast via iTunesSoundCloud or RSS. Stream the program at MANPodcast.com. See images of art discussed on the show.

    Image: Gary Simmons, Senator Drive-By, 2010.

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  8. andisbetter:

    Ink AND paper come together again AND again AND again to make a car that is both mighty AND fast. Because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one thing for another. On the canvas or the road—AND is better.

    Like this? We’re sending out 100 copies of the finished poster to the ones who show their love. Just click here AND give us your contact information. We’ll send you a poster, postage paid by us. (Privacy Policy) 

    Illustration by Jason Smith

    Printed at Progress Custom Screen Printing in Ferndale, MI

    Captured by Gentlemen

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  9. myarmisnotalilactree:


    Barbara and Michael Leisgen - Mimesis, 1972-1973

  10. Lucian Freud